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Firm Philosophy

Only if we succeed in satisfying your customers lastingly and on a long-term basis with our products and our services, you will become loyal customers to our products and frequently use our services.

Therefore our highest goal is to offer you exactly the products and the service with the quality and the price that helps your business to care successfully for your customers.

We use largest care to listen to you in order to learn how we can meet your expectations exactly. Your satisfaction is our highest requirement.

We can only work with suppliers whose products comply with the highest possible quality standards. Of course thereby only enterprises with best performance standards have a place!

[Picture] Comprehensibleness and transparency of all processes are the basis for the constant level of best goods. The origin of the quality of the final product lies also in the genetics of the freely living cattle. Systematic surveying and selection of the cattle is the beginning of the long process, in order to consume a good-tasting steak at the end.

Slaughtering only in particularly selected modern and supervised slaughter houses, certified in the European Union. [Picture]

[Picture] In a computer-operated cooling tunnel the bodies of the battle animals are passed on carefully for further processing. Most modern cooling systems make it possible to handle the high-quality raw material for meat careful.

Under strictest hygienic and technical supervision our products are boned and cut by carefully selected technical personnel. Everything that does not correspond apparently to the expected high quality, is segregated already here. [Picture]

[Picture] A multiplicity of quality testers supervises each step. Immediate generating of vacuum-state with most modern devices and trained personnel are providing consistent maturing and quality.

The Hamburger Importhaus exhibits long-time contacts to the supplier countries in South America.